Why Tippy Toes shoes are great for babies growing feet

Our range of baby shoes are great for growing feet as they are made from high quality baby safe leather, which means not only are they durable, they are also flexible. Our shoes do not restrict foot growth and allow feet to breathe and grow naturally. Shoes like ours that are made from soft leather are recommended by paediatricians because of this.

Our baby and toddler shoes are comfortable for little ones to wear and with the help of an elasticated ankle, stay on wriggly feet!

The soft, non-slip suede soles make our shoes perfect for when your toddler is first finding their feet around the house, particularly on wooden, laminate or tiled floors.

Our soft leather shoes are available in sizes Small (suitable for babies aged 0-6 months) and Medium (suitable for babies/toddlers aged 6-12 months). Take a look at our Shoe Sizing Guide

Tippy Toes leather baby shoe